The Gunpowder Review Round-Up

While Gunpowder has only been a few days now, on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux, there has been a decent number of reviews (all positive) from fans and critics. Take a look at a few of those:

Critic Reviews
-Review by We Got This Covered
"For its meagre price, Gunpowder presents a ton of fun and the promise of more to come offers even more of a reason to check it out in its new format."

-Video review by Indie Game! 
 "At no point did I feel like the game was getting repetitive or tedious. In fact, the experience was only becoming more interesting the further I continued playing. The gameplay is refreshing." 

-Review Games Gazette Online
"This is, in my mind, one of the "must have" puzzle games of all time, because of its simplicity and brilliance but most of all because everyone loves to blow things up."

-Review by Slovakian gaming website Sector Online Entertainment
Quote: "Gunpowder is among the games whose principle is easy to understand, but if you want to achieve superior performance, give you a decent take." Forgive the translation on that one, but I'd like to think the reviewer was referring to how the game is easy to understand, but still offers a substantial challenge, especially for those who wish to get the best scores. 

As in between between user and critic reviews, here is a gameplay video uploaded by tr1ppa:

User Reviews
-Steam user Sonic.xG: 
"I bought this on a whim not expecting it to do anything more than help fill some spare time, and the game turned out to be an excellent way to fill that time." 

-Steam user 
"Puzzle fans who are perfectionists should find a rather addictive game and with the inclusion of a global high score board it certainly keeps you hitting the replay level button to refine skills."

-Steam user ZemunBRE: "Lets be honest, Im not huge fan of puzzle games, especially if there is time to beat. But this I loved from the first level..."

-Steam user Soviet Mundas: "Good, fun, little game. Clean presentation and smart levels make it an easy recommendation."

For more reviews, info, screenshots, videos and more, head on over to the Gunpowder Steam Page! It is still on sale for 15% off until July 15th! The game is also available on iPad and Kindle with an iPhone version on the way! 

Exploring Gunpowder

We are so excited about Gunpowder's release on Steam next week (read all about that here) that we have decided to show off a few levels from the game, the mechanics on display and their unique western themed environments. Through this you will be able to get an idea of how this explosive puzzle game plays and how it gets increasingly complex as you get further into the story of Incendio, a hero who decides to liberate the people by stealing from the evil Boss Grimshaw. 

There are over 150 levels in Gunpowder, but don't let that intimidate you or make you think that game is only 150 minutes long; each level in Gunpowder is designed to be fast and rarely do they have an average completion time of over one minute. However, as levels get complex and introduce new mechanics you will find yourself trying out different strategies, replaying the level to get all of the optional objectives (the piggy banks or the hidden treasures) or just trying to do it as fast as you possibly can in order to reach the top of the leaderboards. In this post you will be able to see how that all goes down across five different levels from Gunpowder. 

This first level is from one of the earliest parts of the game, Chapter 1, and it shows off some fundamental mechanics. Below you can see how each barrel has different explosion radius' and how you have to use that to conserve gunpowder. Gunpowder is your lifeblood, it is generally your main tool for creating your explosive mayhem. When a barrel explodes you only need to make sure gunpowder is touching that explosion radius, since that explosion will ignite the gunpowder if it is close enough. It's a simple concept, but one that is important in many levels because of how little gunpowder you often have to work with. 

This second level is still from Chapter 1 (there are five Chapters total), but it is far more complex than the previous example. In terms of difficulty it is still fairly easy, this is only the first chapter, but it combines many different elements that were slowly introduced on previous levels. For instance, you still have to use a limited supply of gunpowder, so you need to leave gaps and use the barrel's explosion radius to your advantage, but you also have time everything with the uncontrollable cart of hay floating down the river. This one is mostly a race to see how fast you can do things, for the sake of leaderboards and your competitive spirit, while everything is in motion. Take a look: 

This third level comes from level 13 of Chapter 3. In between Chapter 1 and 3 plenty of new mechanics are introduced, and you can see some of them in play on this level. You have uncontrollable elements, the minecarts, items you have to physically use during the level, the gatling gun, and side objectives, the piggy banks, that have to be taken out immediately before you mess with the main objective. Ever since Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom I've had a unhealthy desire for mines and minecarts, and this entire chapter fills that nicely. 

This fourth level hails from the mighty train based levels of Chapter 4. This is the very first level from that chapter and it introduces doing much of what was learned through the previous chapters, but with moving trains full of destroyable objects and obstacles. This one is rather simple since it is the first level of the chapter, but it still has quite a bit going on with cannons, tnt, and limited gunpowder. As the train levels go on they start to introduce other concepts as they move from trains, to banks, and then to saloons. This chapter is chock-full of interesting designs in iconic wild-west environments. 

For this fifth and final level, we are going all the way to the snowy mountain tops of Chapter 5. Here we have entirely new mechanics, like pulley platforms, on top of other challenges that were previously introduced, like different height levels and putting down gunpowder in real-time in order to keep multiple lines going. Putting down gunpowder while everything in motion starts out simple, but what about when there are multiple lines you have to reconnect or when you have just barely enough so that you have to be incredibly careful with it? Combining all of that with other mechanics is challenging and tough, but very doable. Check out this last level in action: 

As you can see through all of these basic examples, Gunpowder has a variety of themes, mechanics and challenges. I purposefully chose some of the more rudimentary levels because one of the things I enjoy most about the game is figuring out how to beat levels in the most efficient manner and by visually showing each level here that would influence your choices were you to play it. This ends this quick look and if you have any questions about the game feel free to ask. If you are interested in picking it up next week (it releases on July 8th) then head on over the Gunpowder Steam Page

The History of Rogue Rocket Games

If you look around our sparkling new Rogue Rocket Games website you can see plenty of information about who makes up the company, what the previously developed games were, and what games we are currently working on, but for this blog post I'm going to be putting it all in one place. We already talked plenty about Nick Bruty and Richard Sun, so this isn't going to focus on the people, but it instead will be all about the games. Join me as we start all the way back in 2011...


Infected is the second game released by Rogue Rocket Games and it is also for iOS and Android. This tower defense hybrid has you fighting off zombies in singleplayer or multiplayer, in a fairly fast paced and unique manner where your friends will show up in the game as civilians needing saving. In singleplayer you used cops, armored vehicles, and other lethal units to fight off zombies as you try to protect those civilians through a long campaign. 

The game also had a virus focused metagame where you can infect your friends via playing up to a 4 player synchronous multiplayer mode where you are simultaneously defending your city and sending infected attacks to the other players. It was quite ambitious at the time for a F2P mobile game and many of those features show how capable the studio is, even from the start. 


We talk about Gunpowder pretty often lately, but did you know it was originally released back in 2013? Back then it was a Microsoft exclusive for Windows 8 and that's where it stayed for a very long time, and only recently we were able to start pushing it onto other platforms like iOS and PC. However, if you are unfamiliar with Gunpowder it is a western themed puzzle game and the first premium title by Rogue Rocket Games, which means that it is not free to play and the base price unlocks the entirety of the game. It has fitting and fantastic western themed music as well as a story that is told through cartoon style panels, which are created by the original Earthworm Jim animator Mike Dietz. 

Gunpowder is all about blowing things up and doing it with style, speed and accuracy. You have to be strategic as you line the map with gunpowder and put down explosive barrels to deal with tricky junctions. Like all great puzzle games, the ideas and mechanics are introduced to you slowly and become increasingly difficult and complex as you get farther into the game. You play as Incendio, a Robin Hood-like character in the old west, who steals from the greedy robber baron Boss Grimshaw and gives back to the townspeople. At the moment Gunpowder is only available on iPad, but they are working hard to get it onto iPhone, Kindle and PC. You'll be hearing plenty more about it. 

First Wonder 

Now to Rogue Rocket Games' most recent and most talked about upcoming title, First Wonder. This upcoming spiritual sequel to Giants: Citizen Kabuto is heavily inspired by many of the great classics created at Planet Moon Studios, like MDK, and is going to have many elements that made Giants such a unique game, like the humor and mixture of different gameplay types. Many details are still being worked out First Wonder, but so far we have Monstro and the Cargonauts as primary characters or groups that inhabit this world.

There has been a lot of talk about this having multiplayer and singleplayer, but the details will be saved until a later date when everything starts to formulate around August. For now, just know that First Wonder is coming and with plenty of details that will be showing up as we release updates over the coming months! 

Rogue Rocket Casual 

You've probably seen the Rogue Rocket Casual section of the website and all of the following games belong in that category. These games are different from the previous three because their themes and features are all focused on casual gaming, which means short gameplay sessions and easy to jump into among other things. Here is a brief overview of each of those games and for this section we have: 


SushiChop is the first game that Rogue Rocket Games released out into the world to fend for itself and it is for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. This game is all about chopping, slicing and quick reflexes. It has several game modes, powers, upgrades to unlock and quite a lot that made it stand out from the pack. It has been received fairly well, with 4000 reviews for the iOS version alone and a 4 star average rating. 

Dead on Delivery

Every gamer has always had a dream of playing a game where you deliver pizzas around a zombie filled metropolitan Well, maybe that's just me, but Rogue Rocket Games' Dead on Delivery is all about those exact things.  It has you frantically running around an increasingly dangerous zombie filled environment while you collect the correct toppings for challenging pizza orders. Dead on Delivery is also free to play and still available on iOS and Android. 

Throne Together 

This pecuilar block-based puzzle game has you building a castle as you act as a medieval kingdom's architect. Throne Together has sixty-five levels of challenging gameplay that focuses on completing veyr specifics orders and making sure you don't build in a problematic way when it comes to physics. Iti s a free to play game and it is only available on Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

Jackpot Gems

Out of all of the games I've played from Rogue Rocket Games, which is just about all of them, Jackpot Gems is the one that I've probably played the most. It is a match-3 type of casino game with puzzle aspects thrown in and it is free to play for iOS, Windows Phone and Android. Jackpot Gems has a surprisingly large number of modes, like Lighting Mode and Mega Minute Match, and it just plays really well. 

That is it for the history of Rogue Rocket Games and everything they have released so far. The two current projects are Gunpowder, for PC and iOS, and First Wonder, which we've yet to determine platforms for but we are hoping to have it available on a variety of platforms. Check back later for more blogs post and news! 

Gunpowder has been Greenlit

Gunpowder logo

Our western themed puzzle game Gunpowder, formerly only on iPad, has successfully gone through the Steam Greenlight process and was Greenlit today. After one week we had several thousand votes on the game with a majority of them indicating they would like to see the game on the Steam Store, so Valve has officially Greenlit the game today just as we moved into the top 50 Greenlight games category.

On top of the community at Steam backing us, we wanted to thank all of you, all of our fans, supporters and critics. Bringing a game from a mobile platform to Steam, and it getting approved, was a definite challenge since most mobile ports are not met with favorable impressions, but Gunpowder is unique among the pack because of the qualities of the game and Rogue Rocket Games fantastic community. 

As we go into the coming months, and as Gunpowder inevitably releases on Steam, we want to continue to grow and interact with you, the community. Games are our passion and we aim to show you that we offer something that is worth talking about, playing and experiencing. Thank you all, check out Gunpowder on Steam, and we'll be back with more news soon.