The Winner of The First Wonder Art Contest is....

Dario Liotine with his incredibly impressive movie poster art piece that depicts Monstro in an island jungle setting. We had a number of entries for this contest and we greatly appreciated every single one of them, especially since they all result from a love of Giants: Citizen Kabuto, MDK or First Wonder. However, for this contest we will just have a winner and a runner-up. Congratulations to Dario and here is a look at his winning piece: 

Dario Liotine's art submission for the First Wonder Art Contest 

Our Runner up is a vastly different art piece from Erik Lukáč. His piece depicts a Mecc from Giants: Citizen Kabuto and one of the first times a player sees them in the game. Both Erik and Dario are going to be getting some prizes for winning this contest (prizes related to First Wonder and Rogue Rocket Games) and we cannot thank them both enough for sending in these excellent pieces of fan art. Check out Erik's piece below and keep an eye out for one more contest before we ship off to PAX Prime late next week. 

Erik Lukáč's piece for the First Wonder Art Contest