Summer update

Hello friends.  It's been a bit.  That's because we've been super busy.  We have a lot going on.
There's of course 1st Wonder, which is still percolating.  We decided that we wanted to have more to show before going to Kickstarter, so we've been pulling together some resources and making some more amazing stuff to show.

Beyond that, we've started another new original IP game project with a new partner that we're very excited about.  Hopefully I'll have more to talk about there soon.  I sometimes forget to realize how amazing it is that we've managed to ONLY do original IP games since our start, and we should feel really lucky that this is the case.  It's not the common story out there for game developers.

I also totally forgot to post here about a little game we launched earlier in the year called Jackpot Gems!  It's really different than our usual fare, it is a new twist on "match 3" style games.  It's combined with slot machine mechanics, which are all the rage on mobile these days.  Different gem types are worth different amounts of coin wins, and you bet coins per play.  So far it seems that the people who we made it for really like it, and we aim to keep adding features to it over time.

Find out more here.  Available now on iOS App Store, Google Play, Amazon App Store, and Windows Phone 8!