Making a splash on the Windows 8 Store

There are definitely advantages to being early to a new platform.  As of today, we have a game in the top 20 for both Paid and Free lists!  We've also recently gotten a Store front page feature for games for SushiChop on Windows 8 and Surface / RT:

We're pretty proud to rank this high with both Gunpowder and SushiChop.  Check out this chart courtesy of

Mind you, this ain't no iTunes store.  Being this high on here isn't hundreds of thousands of downloads a day.  its a lot less.  But with any luck, we'll hang out in these top spots while the platform grows to a more significantly sized audience.

Those of you hesitant to upgrade to Windows 8.  Don't be hatin'!  Don't fear change!  Your trusty desktop view is still there to use as you normally would.  

If for no other reason, get it to play Gunpowder!!  We're really proud of it and it's a good game!  We promise!

Maybe one of the nicest user reviews I've ever gotten.