SushiChop in Chinese, 3.0, and other interesting things.

Integrated with a Chinese social gaming network called "the9", SushiChop has hit #1 in Games/Arcade in Hong Kong!  and #6 of all apps.
We didn't even notice that happening, but wow, that's pretty cool!
Also, the main English version has had a 3.0 release, adding a backstory and some other fun bits.  Hopefully you all enjoy it!

In the meantime, we're hard at work on another couple games.  They have nothing to do with slicing anything.  =)
We hope to say something more about them soon, but right now, it's all pretty much on the DL.  as you may have noticed from a complete lack of information here.

We've also added some new people to our team!  I'll probably try to put them on the team page, and let them introduce themselves.