How about a little code?

So, Nick obviously is the most interesting guy when it comes to design and art.

I thought I'd try a little experiment here and see what happens if I post some nourishing bits for the code monsters out there.  I'm going to start really basic.

We're using Unity3D for our development, so a lot of what I'm going to throw out there is going to be Unity3D specific.  Today I'm going to post here a dirt simple script.  There's a lot of small inconveniences in Unity editor and this was one of them that I solved by code instead of clicking everywhere.

This tiny script allows you to add a component to multiple selected objects in the scene or in the project.  I wrote it really quick because it was faster than individually clicking like 30 objects and adding them one by one.  You can type in the name of your script to add a particular script component.  This is a decent starting point for doing all kinds of things you might want to do on multiple selected objects, which is a major irritating thing that Unity3d doesn't provide out of the box.


Linky link to the scripty script