Future Projects

We had hoped to be posting on our current game by now but we still have some legal stuff to finalize. Instead I'll chat about some future projects that we're planning.

Rich has Space Combat game he's been wanting to do for years. I love space combat so we should have some fun with that. We may do that one next.

I have 2 games I've been sitting on for a while.

Project: We're Screwed
I have a bunch of ideas and designs I had planned for Giants and MDK sequels. This is where they'll go. It will be crazy. I hope to do this as digital download for PC, Mac and Consoles.

Project: Venus
This has nothing to do with Venus. This is a big one that I've been thinking about for years but I've had trouble scaling into something manageable. Rather than a big console blockbuster I can now see it as more of a MMO where I can build the world up in layers. Very excited to get to this one.

Big Bruty