Earthworm Jim - questions and answers

I built art and design for around half the levels on the original Earthworm Jim for Genesis and Snes. The rest of the original team were Dave Perry, Nick Jones and Andy Astor on code. Steve Crow, like me on art and design. Tom Tanaka on design.
Our great animators, Mike Dietz, Ed Schofield and of course Doug Tennaple whose deliciously warped mine came up with all the great characters and world of Jim. Our good friend Tommy Tallarico on music and sound. On Jim 2 Mark Lorenzon joined Steve and myself in art/design.

A common question I get is would we all get together for another Jim game. A few years back there was an attempt to get us back together in an advisory role for a new game. Sadly that fell apart but it was fun to chat with the guys again. I'm not really an advisory type anyway and would have to get hands on. The ideas are still there. Maybe when we're all retired and bored.

Post any other questions to comments.

Big Bruty